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American teenage baseball player batting


Performance Anxiety

Goal Setting


Focus and Attention

Strengthening Self-Confidence

Burn Out and Over-training

Mental Recovery Following Injury

Leadership and Assertiveness 


Emotional Regulation 

Sport/Life Balance and Identity 

Mental Preparation for Try Outs

Perfectionism and Fears of Failure 

Reconnecting with the JOY of Sport

Girls Softball Team Meeting.jpg


Building Team Cohesion

Team Goal Setting

Strengthening Team Motivation/Drive

Developing a Positive Team Culture

Addressing Group Dynamics

Managing Conflict

Leadership Development

Coaching Consultation

Modeling Emotional Regulation

Working with Demanding Parents

Stress Management 

Managing Player Mental Health Issues

Work/Life Balance

Bringing the JOY Back to Coaching

Coach with his arm around his player on


Supporting Your Athlete Through the Ups and Downs of Sport

Effective Communication with Your Athlete

Effective Communication with Coaches

Modeling Emotional Regulation and Resilience

The Importance of a Growth Mindset

Defining Core Family Values in Sport and Life

Letting Go and Fostering an Independent Athlete

Bringing the JOY back to Parenting Your Athlete

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